Apartments Krk Malinska - Holiday House Dujmovic Malinska


Malinska is a seaside tourist village situated along the wooded shore of the bay on the north side of the island of Krk. Thanks to the Krk Bridge,  the island of Krk is linked with the mainland and is an easily accessible tourist destination. Formerly known as the „safe harbor“, Malinska still preserves its fishing and maritime traditions. The history of this area, which originates in the 15th century when a mill was built by which Malinska received its name, encompasses many religious monuments, most importantly the Franciscan Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Porat.
The pleasant Mediterranean climate, vegetation and clear waters have attracted tourists to Malinska for more than 100 years. Malinska offers its guests beautiful beaches, wooded coves and long walks along the coast on scenic routes such as the famous „Paradise Road“. There are many bike paths and walkways along the coast which encompass the island. Specifically, the island of Krk  has over 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails.
Local restaurants offer a variety of fresh fish all thanks to the work of local fishermen. Native to the island is also an indigenous variety of wine known as “Žlahtina”, which can be found in the vineyards of Vrbnik. Krk also boasts a wide selection of homemade cheeses native to its home.
In your free time, you also have the opportunity to partake in many daytime excursions via panoramic boats which visit many neighboring islands including nearby Cres, Rab, Goli, Losinj, Kosljun, etc.
Discover picturesque villages on the island of Krk which prove to make this island unique and interesting. The capital of the island, Krk City, is situated in the southern part of the island, approximately 12 kilometers from Malinska. Krk City’s old streets, dating back to the 5th century, ancient churches, castles and galleries will enrich your vacation and give you a tiny glimpse of local Croatian history.
The rich variety offered  in the many hotels and restaurants, nightclubs and terraces with native folklore, various cultural and sporting events, fishing, docks in the harbor, crane vessels, a number of shops and services, as well as the proximity of interesting excursions, make Malinska an ideal destination for all guests.